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June 17, 2012
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Exclusive Semi-Sweeties Tutorial: Nachos and Salsa by kayanah Exclusive Semi-Sweeties Tutorial: Nachos and Salsa by kayanah
Exclusive Semi-Sweeties Tutorial
#3: Nachos and Salsa

This is my third exclusive tutorial based on your suggestions. This one was suggested by :iconstorm137:

I’m sorry it took me so much time before making a new Exclusive Tutorial. I’ve been lacking inspiration and life made it harder on me to concentrate on miniatures. Also…I lost the list of suggestions I had and so I did not have ideas to make a new ET… :s Hope you will forgive me.

I hope you will enjoy yourselves; feel free to comment. If you want to send me suggestions for more tutorials, I will be happy to take them into consideration (and not lose the list this time, lol).

For this project, you will need:

-Translucent clay
-White clay
-yellow (ochre), brown, red and green chalk pastels
-an old paintbrush (or q-tip) to use with the chalk pastels
-a rolling pin (or pasta machine or whatever you usually use to “flatten” your clay)
-a small triangle cookie cutter (facultative, you can cut your triangles with a blade, no worry, or else you can make a triangle in a piece of cardboard to use as a template)
-a razor blade (or knife or whatever you usually use to cut)
-an old toothbrush
-TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey)
-gloss/varnish (facultative) and something to apply it, of course

Note: You should always use tools you are comfortable working with. :) When you are not comfortable, you can hurt yourself or get very frustrated, lol.

I will use Sculpey for this project.

You will need pre-baked pieces for this project. It will make things a lot easier.

Pre-baked pieces

Step 1)

a) For the nachos, roll a piece of white clay until you find it thin enough for believable mini nachos. Use your triangle cookie cutter (or template) and cut as many “nachos” as you want.
b) Then take your yellow pastel, pass your paintbrush or q-tip onto it until you have enough color and then gently dab it onto your nachos. Repeat until you have the right color and until you are done with all of your nachos.
c) Then, to add a little more depth to your nachos, you can add a little bit of brown on the edges.
d) Then, dab the nachos with the toothbrush to add a little texture to them. Don’t squish your nachos!

Step 2)
Now, this is for the vegetables that will go into the salsa, which we will make at the end.

I don’t actually have pictures to show you how to do this, as I do not have much translucent Sculpey left. But I have pieces I pre-baked months ago so I will be able to show you the rest.

Take a bit of translucent clay (doesn’t have to be much as not much will be needed) and add a bit of red chalk pastel into it. You need to gently scrape the pastel with a blade to do that. You have to keep in mind that it will darken slightly when it will cure so don’t add too much pastel or it won’t look translucent anymore.

Now, roll that piece to flatten it down. It has to be rather thin but not too much. Cut a square into it (or leave it the way it is, as you wish). This will be for the red pepper that will be in your salsa. Put it aside.

Do the same with some translucent clay and green chalk pastel, and another with a bit of yellow and roll the pieces flat.

Once you are done, put those pieces on your baking pan.

Step 3)
Now, if you want to make a place and a bowl for your salsa and nachos, it would be a good time because all of these above will go in the oven.

If you need to know how to make nice looking bowls or plates, you can follow these tutorials made by :icontalty:

Bowls: [link]
Plates: [link]

Or my own tutorial to make plates: [link]

Note: Make sure you follow the baking directions of the clay you use precisely. You do not want to burn your work!

Once that is done and you have removed your pieces of the oven, wait about 20 minutes for them to cool down.

Salsa Time! ^^

Step 4)
Take a bit of TLS and add a little red and a tiny bit of brown chalk pastel into it. Don’t worry if the color looks a bit off; TLS is always much much paler before it has been bakes, which makes it all the more tricky to use.

Mix that up! :D

Step 5)
Take the yellow, green and red translucent pieces you have pre-baked earlier and cut them into small pieces. You don’t want them to be perfect squares. Cut them into random sizes and forms for a more realistic result.

They might not look very translucent on the picture but believe me when I say they are. =P

Step 6)
Once that is done, add as much pieces as you want into the TLS mélange you made on Step 4) and you can now display your nachos and salsa any way you want on a plate or a platter. You can dip one of your nachos into your bowl of salsa. To make everything stick together, you can use a tiny drop of TLS under your items.

Step 7)
Baking time! Again! =P

Note: Make sure you follow the baking directions of the clay you use precisely. You do not want to burn your work!

And yes; you can bake stuff that were pre-baked! I tried it more than once and it works fine. :D

Step 8)
Once it has cooled down, just to add a little more realistic feel to your salsa, you can add a touch or gloss or varnish to it. :)

Voilà! You’re done! :D

I hope you enjoyed that new Exclusive Tutorial.
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This looks great, thanks a million! I'm collecting mini food tutorials to try out, I'm a bloody beginner with polymer clay but you guys make it look feasible ^^°
kayanah Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well, you're welcome! =P
I was a beginner once as well, lol. You can check out my gallery, I have a few other tutorials you may find useful, and my tutorial are always as simple as possible (because when I began I found some tutorials pretty hard to follow...).
Hope you enjoy clay work! :D
Love your tutorial. Thank you!!!! :)
Talty Jun 19, 2012   Artisan Crafter
Great tutorial, and they look so realistic I love them! :love: also thanks for linking to my tutorials :blushes:
kayanah Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aww thank you sweetie! :D
I forgot to tell you about the links to your tutorials...:blush:
Talty Jun 21, 2012   Artisan Crafter
You are welcome. and don't worry about it, it was a nice surprise :D
thanks this will b helpful.
Yay! thanks for sharing!! we're lucky to have exclusive tutorials made by you :)
kayanah Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm happy to share whenever I can! :) And making those ET makes me happy as well! :nod:
Summersethomes Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I enjoyed your tutorial thank you :)
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